New Park on Baker Hill Boulevard

A new park is set to enhance the community experience at 401 Baker Hill Boulevard in Stouffville, forming an integral part of a subdivision development. Spanning 12,106.96 m2 (1.2 ha), the park will be situated to the east of Baker Hill Boulevard and Brownsberger Road within Ward 4. This Council-approved initiative will be spearheaded by Northern Lights Landscape Architects, with the Town overseeing the entire design process.

The development of the park's design will be a collaborative effort, involving consultations with the community to ensure a successful outcome that aligns with the evolving needs of the residents. Throughout the design development process, careful consideration will be given to the budget, site limitations, and operational requirements.

Anticipated features of the proposed park encompass a diverse range including but not limited to, a play structure, basketball court, tennis courts, seating areas, shade structures, pathways, and new plantings. The project timeline is outlined as follows:

  • Fall 2023: Appointment of a design/construction team
  • Fall 2023: Design development phase
  • Winter 2024: Community engagement activities
  • Winter/Spring 2024: Detailed design work
  • Spring 2024: Commencement of construction
  • Fall 2024: Completion of construction, with the park ready to welcome the community.

This initiative reflects our commitment to creating a recreational space that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our vibrant community.

Take a look at the design concepts and come give your feedback on January 25 at 6:30 pm at Town Hall (111 Sandiford Drive) in the Ringwood Room.

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