Property Taxes

The Town of Stouffville collects property taxes to fund municipal programs, services and infrastructure. Find different ways to pay your property taxes, view tax rates and rebates and learn what to do when you move.

Residential, farm & commercial, industrial

Interim bill mailing date

January 25, 2023

Instalment 1 due date

February 15, 2023

Instalment 2 due date

April 14, 2023

Final bill mailing date

end of June 2023

Instalment 1 due date

mid July 2023

Instalment 2 due date

mid September 2023

Your property tax dollars are spent on municipal, regional and provincial programs and services:

  • 34% goes to the Town of Stouffville to pay for local municipal services including road and sidewalk maintenance, planning, parks, recreation, arts and culture, fire, etc.
  • 44.7% goes to York Region to pay for regional services including police, ambulance, recycling, road maintenance, waste collection, transit, etc.
  • 21.3% goes to the Province of Ontario's education system

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