Town Hall

Learn about Stouffville's history, demographics, physical geography, and community profile, as well as how to subscribe to our newsletter, contact us, and follow us.

A directory of all the departments at the Town of Stouffville, including what each does and how to get in touch. 


Learn about the budget process for both capital and operating budgets, review the current budget, and find historical annual financial statements.

Review information on parking, animal services, temporary sign permits, and frequently referenced municipal by-laws which ensure a safe, quiet and enjoyable community.

The Town produces or updates a variety of publications annually, including plans and strategies, and community reports which highlight our collective achievements.

Stouffville is committed to maintaining confidentiality and protecting the privacy of personal information. In addition, find our website and social media terms of use. 

Learn about the claim file process for vehicle damage, property damage, and bodily injury.

Accessible formats available upon request. Contact 905-640-1900 or for assistance.
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