Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville

The demographics of Stouffville are changing at an unprecedented rate.  Experience our new online Census portal to grasp a picture of the people, and their lifestyles, that call this town home.

The Winter 2023 edition of our recreation Play Book is out and available for download or pickup at a favourite facility near you.  Check it out and register today!

The Official Plan Review is undertaken through a comprehensive review of key theme areas according to issues currently being addressed as a community.

The risk of transmission and severe outcomes remains greater for some individuals, especially for those who are vulnerable or immunocompromised.

  • New Fire/Paramedic Station Coming To Ballantrae The Ballantrae Fire Station is on the move after the Town of Stouffville announced today an agreement to purchase 3.5 acres on Aurora Road. The parcel of land, located just west of Highway 48 in Ballantrae, is the proposed future home of a modern fire station. The Town is in ongoing discussions with York Region Emergency Medical Services (“EMS”) about a joint venture for the site. The transaction is scheduled to close in early 2023. Nov 30, 2022
  • Road Safety Rules for the end of Daylight Saving Time As the clocks changed this weekend, even though it’s only an hour difference it can still have a huge impact on your sleep cycle. Drowsiness behind the wheel is a leading cause of accidents, and studies have shown that the average number of collisions rises during evening rush hour in the 30 days following the time change. Make the switch safely with these road safety rules for Daylight Saving Time. Nov 07, 2022
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