Town Launches New Administrative Monetary Penalty System to Streamline Resolution Process

The Town of Stouffville has implemented an Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) to simplify the resolution process for specific by-law violations. AMPS offers an efficient and user-friendly approach, enabling the by-law division to handle Penalty Notices internally, thereby reducing reliance on the Provincial Offences Act and regional court system.

Under the new AMPS protocol, municipal enforcement officers will continue to issue Penalty Notices to individuals found in violation of by-laws concerning parking, noise, and short-term rentals. The new process is designed to be straightforward: recipients of these notices will have two options - either pay the fine or request a Screening Appointment to have the matter reviewed by a Screening Officer. This simple and efficient process aims to ensure that concerns or disputes can be easily addressed.

"AMPS offers numerous advantages, streamlining how we handle infractions, giving our staff more flexibility in penalty enforcement, and improving resident satisfaction," said Mayor Iain Lovatt. "The introduction of AMPS bypasses the need for court involvement, which should lead to cost reductions and expedited resolutions."

Payment options and Screening Appointments are available through the Town's website at Screening Appointments will be conducted electronically or virtually on a predetermined schedule and individuals can select their preferred date and time but must be available during their selected appointment.  Should a defendant disagree with the outcome of the Screening Officer's decision, they retain the option to further dispute and have their matter reviewed by a Hearing Officer. Final decisions rendered by the Hearing Officer will be binding.

To learn more about the new AMPS, please visit or call Customer Service at 905-640-1900 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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