Upgrades to Main Street's Clock Tower This Spring

Beginning this Monday, the Town will begin series of upgrades to the Clock Tower downtown. These improvements will involve structural reinforcement and enhancements to the clock mechanism, ensuring its continued functionality and longevity.

In 2021, a comprehensive building assessment was conducted on the Stouffville Clock Tower, revealing significant deterioration in its mortar joints, sealants, roofing systems, and masonry brick panels. Additionally, the ladder system within the tower was deemed to be in poor condition and not compliant with current Health and Safety standards.

In 2023, the Town developed a comprehensive restoration plan to ensure its safety and integrity.

The scope of work includes repairing over 500 damaged brick units and mortar, replacing the louvres and both lower and upper roof structures, and installing guarded steel ladders to replace the existing wooden ladder system, meeting current safety standards. Additionally, the clock mechanisms will be replaced with new controllers to enhance the sound of the bells and improve time accuracy.

Construction is scheduled to commence on Monday, March 11th, and will continue until Wednesday, June 26th. At some point in March, the clock mechanisms will be temporarily removed for the duration of the project, resulting in the suspension of the clock tower bells until completion in June. Access from Memorial Park to Main Street via Civic Square will still be available, with overhead protection in place to ensure safety from falling debris. There are no impacts to pedestrian access or businesses.

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