Join us in Memorial Park as we celebrate arts and culture in our community. Enjoy the sounds of diverse entertainment while you wander the park to revel in the talent of artists from across Southern Ontario. Our featured artists offer a variety of mediums, including fine art paintings, jewelry, pottery, textile art, photography and more.

2024 Featured Artists

Ever since Kevin got his first Kodak Instamatic camera, he has been fascinated by the ability of photographs to capture a fleeting moment in time. A photograph freezes a slice of existence for just under half a second, and that’s what makes it so appealing. It allows us to step back from the fast-paced life and experience things that we might usually miss. Photography has the power to capture emotions and experiences that words alone can’t convey. For instance, you can try describing a beautiful sunset, but nothing compares to sharing the actual experience through a photograph.

Amanda is a self-taught artist currently living in Richmond Hill. Her current body of work focuses on the interplay between reflections and abstract forms found within rock and pebble compositions. These paintings remind us to reconnect with moments commonly overlooked within the natural Canadian landscape.

Original Paintings with Cold Wax and oil, and Acrylic

Sylva is a Richmond Hill, Ontario based landscape artist. Although her education and career were in business, she has always had a great passion in arts since her childhood. Art has now become her career. Her work is inspired by beauty of nature. She exhibits her work at several exhibitions around the Greater Toronto Area.

Arwynn is an established graphic designer pursuing her other true love – painting. Her work focuses on nature and moments of beauty, tranquility and peace, reacting to the strong need for these moments in life. In her work there is a moment where the absolute peace and calm is captured, whether it is fluff caught in the wind or a perfect sunrise. Her work is a collection of joyful, detailed paintings of simple motifs such as dandelion wishes, sweet birds and wildlife. Each piece strives to capture the feelings of optimism, hope, whimsy and pure joy.

Avery Lawrance is a Canadian artist based in Stouffville who enjoys gardening and reading. She has recently completed her BA at Atlantic Technological University Sligo's Fine Art program in Ireland. Lawrance creates in ink, acrylic, pencil and watercolour. She is inspired by the natural and artificial worlds that surround us.

Multidisciplinary, illustrative prints, paintings and ceramics

Katie is an illustrator and multidisciplinary artist, who finds inspiration through her love of travel and the outdoors. Through illustrations, ceramics, screen printing and more, her work transports you to the places and adventures she has been on the places she dreams of going.

Carol discovered acrylics over 15 years ago. Her landscapes examine the interplay of sky and land in different seasons. Carol loves the creative versatility of acrylics, working with colour, tones and various techniques. She creates abstract pieces through acrylic paint pours. Carol also works with watercolours, pastels and pencil studies.

Cheryl found her true passion working in metal. Starting from various gauges of sterling silver and copper, she hand-winds wire into links creating timeless classics and captivating original designs. Through carefully placed hammer strikes, metal is moved into fascinating twists and turns creating 3-dimensional pieces of art.

Cheryl has beencreating one of a kind, handmade jewelry for the past 3 years, which follows her years of painting and photography. A health issue was a factorin what materials she would use. Semi-precious stones were the healing answer. Cheryl's jewelry line has since expanded using a variety of materials and unusual finds. Soon to be creating with copper and other metals. Love what you do is her mantra.

Clive Kay s a wildlife/landscapeartist. New paintings on turkey feathers.

David St. Pierre is a self-taught artist who creates vibrant textured acrylic paintings on canvas and live edge wood. With a love for the natural world, David captures the essence of landscapes, flora and fauna. As a member of the Oshawa Art Association and participant of numerous competitions, festivals and en plaine air with over 30 years experience.

Deb specializes in oil landscape paintings, and her working style varies from contemporary impressionism to abstracted simplicity. Deb's art adventures take her to the beautiful regions of Ontario, such as Georgian Bay, Killarney, Algonquin, and Muskoka. Her inspiration comes from light, colour and the rhythm of nature.

A Toronto based painter Daniel Gray creates abstract acrylic paintings that radiate with vibrant splashes of colour, and communicates a strong sense of movement and fluidity. Daniel is a painter who is inspired by a drive to explore the effects colour have on the individual viewers feelings and emotions.

Diana's main inspiration is nature, light, colour. To pinpoint one inspiration would be impossible. The way the light changes in the day and how colour changes depending on the light and shadows. Diana lives in Stouffville with her son and husband.

Mixed media, textiles, dye, wearables, crystals, painting, weaving, knitting, felting

Stephanie Hofman is a multimedia upcycle artist using art to educate and improve mental/emotional health while simultaneously promoting/encouraging slow fashion and upcycling. Using a variety of mediums and art forms such as dying, weaving, painting, wire wrapping, beading, felting, knitting and occasionally sewing to create OOAK eccentric pieces.

I am a self taught. I do wire wrapping on gem stones and have been doing craft shows including the One Of a Kind Show. I sell on etsy as well.

Jen is a Toronto based self taught abstract artist. Working in mixed media, she explores colour, texture and fluidity. A member of North Toronto Group of Artists and the Haliburton Highlands Studio tour, she exhibits in several fine art tours and artisan markets annually, and teaches fluid art workshops at The Artbarn.

Jim has been creating Art for over 40 years, Jim attended OCAD as a young man and was always fascinated with creating an emotional response in the viewer.

John is a landscape and wildlife photographer with particular interest in the Muskoka, Algonquin Park, and Haliburton region. He gets inspired by the opportunity to share this spectacular scenery with others through his photography and hopes the work serves as a great reminder of what Canadians love about this part of Canada.

Juliana is a self-taught contemporary artist focusing her acrylic works mostly on landscapes and flora. She is inspired by the vividness of the colors in nature, the effects of sunshine and light, and of the depth and moodiness of clouds and the sky. Her collection of art includes but not limited to: beaches, a series of macro shots in nature, and floral sketches which are a mix of pen/markers and paint mediums. Juliana has found her passion for painting in her spare time over the last decade or so and hopes to continue to be able to pursue art for the foreseeable future.

Alex has been a woodworker for 43 years, making custom furniture, cabinetry, and custom kitchens. Over the past five years, he has narrowed his focus to making handmade charcuterie boards and turned wooden bowls, using highly figured domestic woods, that have functionality as well as an aesthetic value.

Krysmo is an illustrator and painter based in Toronto. In her work, she draws inspiration from her love of nature. Working in a narrative style, she creates mixed- media works, characterized by a varied colour palette and rich textures, striving to create relaxed and pleasant atmospheres and positive experiences for her viewers.

Through sand carving stained glass, Lee Shelton is able to unveil layers of colour that help compliment and echo his windswept imagery.

Liz is primarily a landscape artist working in oils and acrylics. Local scenery is a favourite subject. She is known for her impressionist realism.

Mary Perkins is a self-taught artist born and raised in North Toronto, who now works out of her home studio in Brampton. Her love for the outdoors is exhibited in her oil painting nature landscapes. Much like the landscapes that inspire her, Mary's style conveys the power, emotions and beauty of nature with elegance and realism.

Meral is passionate about watercolours. The spontaneity, transparency , and glow it produces are magic. Inspiration for her paintings cmes largely from nature: flowers, trees, rocks, and sunsets. White, fascinating, forever peeling birch trees dominate her paintings.

Pamela is a Full-Time professional Visual Artist based in Ontario. She loves to capture nature and movement of color into her Canadian Landscape Paintings. Her focus is to express the luminousness and awesomeness of nature to transform the ordinary and not-so-ordinary into something that is extraordinary.

Pasi Paltanen is a Finnish-Canadian painter/illustrator based out of Stouffville, Ontario, Canada, whose recent work is largely inspired by urban landscapes, mixed with mythology, historical imagery, suburban life and folk tales.

Using the quintessential potter’s wheel and slabs, Antje offers uniquely designed and decorated table ware, sculptural bowls, wall art and mirrors. Most pieces include impressions or overlays of leaves, birch bark, vines and flowers that capture striking detail.

From iconic streetcars to tranquil parks, Ramona creates colourful urban landscape acrylic paintings that provoke thought and imagination. Many of these paintings are inspired by her hikes and observations in and around the GTA and surrounding areas.

Following a life-long passion for colour, creativity, and originality, Ruth's art is true to her heart. All her paintings are done with acrylic paint mixed with pouring medium and water to a desired consistency depending on the technique she is using. Ruth enjoys using different techniques and seeing how these one of a kind pieces unfold.

Sara strives to distill the essence of the mundane into moments of profound beauty, inviting contemplation and introspection. With each brushstroke, She seeks to evoke emotions, stir the imagination, and awaken the senses to the timeless rhythms of life’s journey.

Sarah is a self taught acrylic painter that is primarily inspired by nature and striking colour, you will find a range of landscapes, animals, and abstract works along with her practical products like bookmarks and cards! Local to the Milton and surrounding area.

Richard Sears has been a life long woodworker, and recently became a blacksmith as well. Focusing on useful items, he gives them a one-of-a-kind creative twist. From kitchen utensils to garden tools to camping gear, you have seen nothing like these before!

Shiva is a pottery artist with a Bachelor of Design from OCAD University, enriching her craft with mentorships by esteemed artists and guilds across North America. Her globally exhibited artwork reflects her passion for addressing social issues through vibrant pottery. She also excels as a textile artist, creating colorful weavings and felts for home use. Shiva shares her expertise by teaching pottery workshops in her studio in Stouffville.

Studio Anthracite offers one of its kind 925 sterling silver jewellery with natural gemstones which are handcrafted with refreshingly personal approach. No two Studio Anthracite pieces are same since the gemstones used are all natural. They are not synthetic or labmade. Natural character of each gemstone makes every piece unique.

Susie Lee is a Chinese-Canadian self-taught artist based in North York. Drawing inspiration from cherished childhood moments spent enjoying the changing Canadian seasons with her grandparents, Susie's painting and pottery reflect her deep connection to nature. Susie is a CPA with a Master of Accounting and a passion for creating.

Dave is no stranger to wood working projects and he has always been fascinated with geometric designs and patterns. Dave's pieces are handmade using pine wood that he mills, cuts, paints, stains and glues by hand. Dave truly enjoys making geometric wood art and takes great pride in his workmanship.

Tanya is an Ajax-based artist working in acrylics, focusing on local wildlife. Her goal is to capture the individual character of her subjects. Tanya’s work has previously been selected for the Pine Ridge Arts Council Juried Art Show (2019) and the City of Pickering Banner Program (2022/2023).

Taruna is an Indo-Canadian mixed media artist, drawing inspiration from her multicultural background and global experiences. Harmonizing paint, paper, photography, typography, and foliage, her textured paintings explore themes of identity and belonging amidst life's transience. Singh holds an Associates Degree in Art and Advertising Design from NYC Technical College.

Violetta has loved art from the time she first picked up a crayon! She attended Grekov Odessa Arts College and worked as an artist for over 15 years. Her art, collected across Europe, includes portraits, landscapes, murals and more. In 2022 she fled Ukraine with her daughter and began the long process of starting over.

Deborah, the creative force behind Tiny's Studio, has been sculpting a captivating artistic journey for seven years. She is not only a seasoned artist but a certified instructor. Her passion extends beyond the canvas as she imparts knowledge through enriching workshops, fostering a vibrant creative community.

Victor Molev was born in Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia) in 1955.He graduated from architecture faculty in 1976 and has worked as an architect and theatre set painter. He immigrated to Israel in 1990. Victor was a member of the association of artist and sculptors in Israel. He is painter and graphic artist. He had participated in numerous exhibitions (both solo and general) in Russia, Europe and Israel. His works can be found in private collections throughout Europe, United States, Canada and Israel. In august 2006 He immigrated to Canada. Up to day he lives in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Victoria Molina is an artisan who has operated a jewelry business out of Toronto for over thirty years. She uses sterling silver as well as precious/semi-precious stones to make one-of-a-kind jewelry. She also provides jewelry repair and modification on the spot.

I am an artist, graphic designer, and production designer based in Toronto (born in St. Petersburg, Russia). Having worked in the home décor/accessory industry as an Art Director for many years, I have created numerous original home accessory designs, mold designs for wall clocks and mirrors, packaging layouts, planograms, client presentations, trade show presentations, photography, product photography, catalogs, as well as digital and traditional illustrations. I dealt with many retail giants in Canada and the United States including Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Pier One, Menard's, Home Hardware, Winners, etc. I graduated with a Master's Degree in Fine Arts. Oil painting is my preferred art medium and I have created many landscapes, still lifes, and portraits. As well, I love theatre and have worked as a set decorator in various performance venues in St. Petersburg, Russia. The diversity in my career has provided me with substantial experience in several artistic fields and industries, allowing me to channel my creativity and passion into my work.

Working predominately with Glass, multi modalities and materials are Wendy’s roots to creative expressions. Her empathy with nature, passion for dimension, and how glass relates to space influenced by Light, Colour & Texture is her voice. An artistic insight that underlays all her creations & guidance to others - Traditional Stained Glass & Beyond.

Jan is a potter who loves to explore a variety of different forms and decorating techniques. She enjoys embellishing her pots with images from nature - flowers, birds, scenery. Then finishing the pots with a variety of glazes.


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