Burn Permits

You need a burn permit to have certain types of fires in the Town of Stouffville. View the different types of burn permits and find out when you need a permit.

Before you apply

Before you can apply for a burn permit, we need to confirm that your property is not within a restricted area. Your property must also be a minimum of one acre in size to qualify for the permit.

Do I need a burn permit?

You need a burn permit if you are having a fire on your property to clean up excess yard waste such as dry brush, wood products and natural organic material. You don’t need a burn permit for a recreational fire that uses clean wood products in a fire pit or chiminea. For any type of fire, please read the Open Air Burning By-law  before burning.

Apply for a burn permit

Please complete our Burn Permit Application. To purchase a permit, you must be the property owner. If you are not the property owner, you must provide us with a letter of permission from them.

Oversized Specialty burn permits (5-day permit)

** Permitted for burns on farm properties that are part of normal farm practices.**

If you need to burn outside of the permit and by-law regulations, you can request a specialty burn permit. Before we will issue a specialty burn permit, we will need to inspect the burn site.

To apply for a specialty burn permit, please complete the Oversized Burn Permit Application or contact Stouffville Fire and Emergency Services at 905 640-9595 ext. 6229.

The fees for a specialty burn permit include:

Burn permit

plus H.S.T.


plus H.S.T.

Recreational fires

Recreational fires do not require a burn permit, but you must follow the regulations outlined in the Open Air Burning By-law. Before having a recreational fire, you must submit a Recreational Fire Conditions Form.

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