Lock Box Application

The Town of Stouffville’s lock box program provides emergency responders with access to properties quickly and safely during an emergency.

Purchase a lock box

You can buy a lock box for $150 with our online Lock Box Purchase Form or by printing out and mailing a Lock Box Application to us at:

Town of Stouffville Fire Prevention
100 Weldon Rd., Stouffville ON, L4A 1N2

How it works

With our lock box program, we provide a sturdy and secure box for you to the install to the exterior wall of your home or office with keys inside of it. The lock box should be installed near the primary entrance of your home or building. Only fire officials will have a key to open your lock box and these keys cannot be copied without approval from the Fire Chief.

We will never use the lock box to gain non-emergency entry unless the building owner or manager is present or requests our entry.


Having a lock box with keys to your home or office readily available means emergency responders can immediately enter your home during an emergency. It also:

  • Allows first responders to enter if an occupant of the building isn’t available
  • Prevents costly forced entry damage to doors and windows
  • Reduces injuries to firefighters

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