Garbage Bag Limit and Stickers

In the Town of Stouffville, we will pick up a maximum of three garbage bags or containers on garbage collection days. If you have more than three bags or containers, you need to buy a garbage sticker. There is a limit of six bags per collection.

Use black or green bags only, not clear. The maximum weight per bag is 50 pounds. 

If using a container, the maximum size is 125 litres, and 50 pounds. All material in the container must be contained in bags and not be overflowing. 


Garbage bag stickers cost $2.25 (tax included) per bag or container and allow you to put out more than three garbage bags or containers.

Where to buy garbage stickers

You can buy garbage stickers at the following locations:

  • The Customer Service Centre in Town Hall, located at 111 Sandiford Dr. You can only buy garbage stickers in multiples of five here
  • B.J.'s Gift & Variety, located at 6416 Main St. (cash only)
  • Petro-Canada Station (Wesley Corners), located at 15288 Woodbine Ave. (cash only)
  • Well-Plus Pharmacy, located at 5402 Main St. (cash only)

How to use garbage stickers

Please attach garbage stickers either around the neck of a bag or on the garbage within a container in a clearly visible place. Stickers should be easy to see once the lid is removed from the bin.

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