Snow Plowing

The inspection of roads during the winter maintenance season begins the third Friday of November and continues until the second Friday of April.  Road patrols are carried out each morning commencing at 4:00 am seven (7) days a week.

The plowing of roads is generally carried out in accordance with the classification of roads.

Arterial roads such as Main Street and the Tenth Line receive preferred services at all times. These roads are major carriers of traffic and generally connect with major Regional and/or Provincial roads.

Collector roads provide access to Town arterial roads and Regional arterial roads. Examples are Millard Street, Stouffer Street and Hemlock Road.

Local roads such as Ironwood Crescent, Sawmill Lane, Hill Country Drive etcetera, are generally the final roads to be serviced. These roads generally carry low volumes of traffic and are not intended to carry through traffic.

Normal plowing operations of arterial, collector and local roads take approximately (8) hours to complete after the end of a snow storm. Generally the plowing of Arterial and Collector roads will be in progress before the plowing of local roads commence.

At the beginning of a snowfall, the arterial and collector roads are salted and the local roads are sanded at hills, curves and intersections.

Generally, the plowing of roads commences after the accumulation of five (5) centimetres of snow.

All cul-de-sacs are plowed. Generally, snow will be pushed to the centre of the cul-de-sac and will remain there until time permits clean-up or the area for snow storage becomes limited.

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