Maintaining the Sewer System

Keeping the Town of Stouffville’s sanitary sewers and water systems clean is everyone’s responsibility. Learn how to prevent sewage backups, what to do if one happens and who is responsible for sewage repairs.

What not to flush

The only thing you should be flushing down your toilet is toilet paper, not personal care products such as:

  • Cotton swabs
  • Facial tissues
  • Sanitary products
  • Unused medicine
  • Wet wipes

View the “I don’t flush” video to learn about what you should and shouldn’t flush down toilets and check out the celebrity endorsed “I don’t flush” video.

Who is responsible for sewage repairs?

If there is sewage damage or a blockage on private property, the homeowner is responsible for the repairs. Homeowners are also responsible for any material entering the Town’s sanitary sewer from their property.

If you notice sewage backing up in your home, you can call Public Works or a private plumber to inspect the issue.

How to tell if a blockage is on your property

If you notice sewage backing up in your home, you may be able to tell if the issue is caused by a blockage on your property or not. First, locate the clean-out access – a capped access to your sanitary system normally located in the basement near the front foundation wall. Loosen and remove the cap and check if sewage is also being forced up here.

If there is no sewage at the capped access, then the problem is usually located within the internal house plumbing. If there is sewage, then the problem is usually located outside the foundation wall.

Tree root damage or blockages

If there are sewage blockages or collapses caused by tree roots, the responsibility for repairs depends on where the damage was caused. We will determine who is responsible for repairs on a case-by-case basis.

Sewage processing

Sanitary sewage from Stouffville residences and businesses is discharged into the Stouffville sanitary collection system, operated and maintained by the Town. The sewage outfalls to the York-Durham Sewage System (YDSS) operated and maintained by York Region.

Sewer surcharge

A sewer surcharge by York Region may apply to certain types of commercial and industrial businesses connected to the sewer system. Learn more about York Region’s sewer use permits and surcharges.

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