Zoning by-law amendments

Zoning by-laws are a set of regulations governing land uses that implement the policies in the Official Plan​. A Zoning By-law contains specific requirements that provide a way of managing land use and future development that is legally enforceable. It also protects property owners from conflicting land uses.

If an applicant wishes to develop a property in a manner that deviates from the current zoning regulations of the Town's Comprehensive Zoning By-law 2010-001-ZO, they must apply for a Zoning By-law Amendment; also referred to as a rezoning. For example, a change of use from residential to commercial would require a Zoning By-law Amendment. Council must approve any amendment to the Zoning By-law, which is subject to an appeal process.

A Zoning By-law Amendment is required to remove the Holding Symbol (H) from affected lands. A Holding Symbol (H) is used when certain conditions of approval (e.g. servicing must be allocated by Council) must be satisfied before a building permit can be issued.

To apply contact Development Planning.

See Schedule 'G' of the Town's General Fees and Charges By-law for fee information.

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