Burn Permits and Fireworks Permits

You need a burn permit to have certain types of fires in the Town of Stouffville. View the different types of burn permits and find out when you need a permit.

Before you apply

Before you can apply for a burn permit, we need to confirm that your property is not within a restricted area. Your property must also be a minimum of one acre in size to qualify for the permit.

Do I need a burn permit?

You need a burn permit if you are having a fire on your property to clean up excess yard waste such as dry brush, wood products and natural organic material. You don’t need a burn permit for a recreational fire that uses clean wood products in a fire pit or chiminea. For any type of fire, please read the Open Air Burning By-law  before burning.

Apply for a burn permit

Please complete our Burn Permit Application. To purchase a permit, you must be the property owner. If you are not the property owner, you must provide us with a letter of permission from them.

Specialty burn permits (5-day permit)

If you need to burn outside of the permit and by-law regulations, you can request a specialty burn permit. Before we will issue a specialty burn permit, we will need to inspect the burn site.

To apply for a specialty burn permit, please complete the Oversized Burn Permit Application or contact Stouffville Fire and Emergency Services at 905 640-9595 ext. 6229.

The fees for a specialty burn permit include:

Burn permit

plus H.S.T.


plus H.S.T.

Recreational fires

Recreational fires do not require a burn permit, but you must follow the regulations outlined in the Open Air Burning By-law. Before having a recreational fire, you must submit a Recreational Fire Conditions Form.

Fireworks Permits

The Fireworks By-law regulates the sale and use of fireworks in the Town of Stouffville. You can set off consumer fireworks without a permit on Victoria Day and Canada Day or the two days before or after these holidays. If you want to set off fireworks on any other day, you need to apply for a permit.

Apply for a fireworks permit

Fireworks rules

If you are considering hosting your own backyard fireworks event, you need to follow these rules:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to set off any fireworks, or be supervised by someone at least 18 years old
  • You can only set off fireworks on your own property unless you’ve received consent elsewhere
  • You cannot set off fireworks on a street, park or any other public space without written consent
  • You cannot set off fireworks into any building, doorway, structure, vehicle or any other place where it might create a danger or nuisance to any person or property
  • You cannot set off firecrackers

Display fireworks permit

Only a federally approved fireworks technician can discharge display fireworks with a permit. Please submit a Display Fireworks Permit Application to us at at least two weeks before the event date.

We will review the application and if necessary, conduct a site inspection before granting the permit. Pyrotechnic style fireworks typically used indoors must also follow the instructions listed for display fireworks. Upon approval, we will also notify municipal law enforcement and York Regional Police.

Fireworks permit

plus H.S.T.

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