A roundabout is a circular intersection without stop signs or traffic signals. Whitchurch-Stouffville has over a half a dozen through-out our neighbourhoods and more being built on regional, municipal and provincial roads.

Benefits of roundabout

Roundabouts offer the many benefits to vehicular and cycling traffic and offer a safe environment for pedestrians.  Roundabouts offer:

  • a continuous traffic flow where traffic does not stop within the intersection;
  • lower travel speeds;
  • lower chance of severe collisions
  • increased pedestrian safety.

They can cost less to operate and maintain and reduce emissions, when compared to traffic signals.

How to drive in a roundabout

Approaching and Entering a Roundabout:

  • Always slow down while approaching a roundabout
  • Stop for any pedestrians or cyclists using the crosswalk
  • Yield to any traffic or cyclists currently in the roundabout and stop if needed
  • Proceed only when there is a safe gap in traffic

Within the roundabout:

  • Always drive counter-clockwise
  • Drive slow and be alert for entering traffic
  • Never pass another vehicle or stop within a roundabout
  • Remember all entering traffic must yield to you

Exiting the Roundabout

  • Always signal your exit
  • Be aware of any pedestrians or cyclists using the crosswalk
  • Continue down your street and do not stop close to the roundabout

Special circumstances

Emergency Vehicles

  • If you encounter an emergency vehicle outside the roundabout, pull over before entering
  • If you encounter an emergency vehicle inside the roundabout, exit as soon as possible, and then pull over if necessary
  • Never stop within a roundabout


  • Pedestrians must cross the roads outside the roundabout and should never use the center island
  • Pedestrians should stop and wait for a gap in traffic and then proceed across the crosswalk
  • Pedestrians cross one direction of traffic at a time and utilize the center median


  • Cyclists may use a roundabout as any other vehicle, and obey all highway traffic laws, or
  • Cyclists may dismount and use the roundabout as a pedestrian
  • Traffic must always be cautious of all cyclists at all times

Two-Lane Roundabouts

  • Some roundabouts have more than one lane within them
  • If you are exiting a roundabout at the first exit, enter and stay in the outer lane
  • If you are exiting a roundabout after the first exit, remain in the inner lane and exit from that lane
  • Always signal exits

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