Property owners in the Town of Stouffville who want to complete certain types of work on Town-owned property, such as a boulevard or right-of-way (ROW), must have an encroachment permit. In order to receive a permit, the encroachment must not block the delivery of Town services or interfere with the Town’s routine maintenance operations.

You need to apply for an encroachment permit for the following activities on Town-owned property:

  • Digging or installing telephone, cable, gas or electricity cables
  • Installing fences, pools or watering systems
  • Landscaping, such as planting trees, bushes or gardens (planting trees on public boulevards is not permitted)
  • Making changes to driveways or curbs
  • Storing landscaping materials

Apply for an encroachment permit

To apply for an encroachment permit, please submit an Encroachment Permit Application Form to us by email

Call before you dig

If your project requires you to dig on your property and/or Town-owned property, you must contact Ontario One Call at least five days in advance. Ontario One Call will contact the necessary utility companies to come out to mark the location of buried underground lines and cables on the property so that you can dig safely.

Non-permitted encroachments

Certain types of encroachments can damage public property and harm the environment. The following types of encroachments are not permitted in Stouffville:

  • Installing retaining walls on public boulevards
  • Landscaping around Town trees and fire hydrants (i.e., with rocks, bricks, flowers, bushes, etc.)
  • Landscaping to sidewalks or street curbs (i.e., with wood chips, soil, rocks, landscape lighting, etc.)
  • Paving non-driveway areas with raised materials
  • Planting trees on Town-owned boulevards

If you are unsure whether a particular encroachment is permitted, please contact us.

The Town is not responsible for damage that may occur to items placed on public boulevards without a permit during regular maintenance operations. If you create an encroachment without a permit, the Town can request that you remove it.

Driveway changes

Your driveway is designed to comply with Town standards for size and location. Please contact us if you are considering fencing, landscaping, or widening your driveway. Any changes to your driveway must comply with the Zoning By-law in order to be approved for a permit.

Encroachments on condominium or developer owned property

You may require additional permits from a condo board or developer if you plan to do work that encroaches on property that is owned or assumed by a condominium or a developer.

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