Outdoor Ice Rinks

Outdoor ice rinks

Please be advised that staff are currently working on setting up select outdoor rinks for this winter season. Check back on this webpage and Town social media pages for updates.

Outdoor winter ice rinks in Stouffville are at the mercy of the weather.  When weather conditions permit, volunteers and Town staff will build and maintain ice rinks at the locations listed below. 

Please be aware of the conditions of the ice surface before participating. Should the “Rink Closed” sign be posted, please refrain from utilizing the surface for any purpose.

Outdoor ice rink locations

Volunteer program

The Town is currently recruiting volunteers to maintain the following rinks: Sunnyridge Park, Madori Park, Greenwood Park, Wheelers Mill Park and Gar Lehman Park.

All natural ice rinks are maintained by volunteers (ice rinks are natural ice and subject to meltdown during warmer weather)

Town staff assist as time and weather permit. Town staff will assist volunteers to remove the snow from the rink after significant snowfalls and after Town facility parking lots have been cleared. 

There must be a minimum of 2-3 volunteers/location or ice rink won’t be supported. 

Volunteers must be available to attend a training and orientation session prior to start-up of the rink This allows the Town to establish procedures and safety rules that must be followed at all times. 

Residents wishing to volunteer some time to create and maintain a natural ice rink at the needed locations are asked to contact Dan Lamirande via email.

Get together with your neighbours and help bring your community a fun outdoor winter activity. Volunteer today! 

Ice Rink Guidelines

Specific guidelines for our outdoor rinks include:

  • Maximum of 10 skaters per skating surface (space permitting)
  • No hockey or gameplay allowed with the exception of the large Memorial Park Rink and Vandorf Rink! 
  • Helmets are highly recommended.
  • Limit your time to 45 minutes should there be people waiting to skate

There must be a minimum of 2-3 volunteers/location or the ice rink won’t be supported

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us

Coming soon: Skating trail to Memorial Park!

The Town of Stouffville has now broken ground and is excited to begin the construction of a new multi-season skating trail in Memorial Park. The Memorial Park Skating Trail is going to be located west of the existing Leisure Centre and Public Library and aims to give the community improved access to cultural, recreational and community infrastructure by constructing a new skating trail that will be open to the community for all ages and abilities at no cost while also encouraging family and multi-generational uses.

In addition to the construction of a new 275-metre refrigerated accessible skating trail, the project will involve construction of accessible washrooms and changerooms and storage for an ice re-surfacer. Construction of the trail will begin this summer. Anticipated opening late 2023.

The new skating trail has been made possible through grants from The Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP), a federal infrastructure program designed to create long-term economic growth, build inclusive, sustainable, and resilient communities, and support a low-carbon economy. The total eligible expenditures of the project are $5,577,000.00. This investment will support the creation of a fully accessible, inclusive, community hub where residents can enjoy the outdoors, and stay fit and healthy now and into the future.

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